Howdy, I'm Brian Travers

and I am a creative. I have a lot of passions, but most of the time I would consider myself a web developer. I work at a small agency here in Chicago which allows me to flex a wide skill set.

It's me, Brian Travers!

I'm a meat'n'potatoes-stack developer

which is something I just came up with now to say that I am very strong at the basics and have experience in a lot of things.

Skill Set

I'm proficient in

  • HTML
  • CSS/SCSS/Sass
  • Javscript
  • SVG
  • Wordpress

I'm familiar with

  • Javascript Frameworks (React, Vue)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Static Site Generators (Gatsby and Jekyll)
  • Other CMS’s (Drupal 7, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace)
  • Backend (setting up and server maintenance)

Selected Work

88 Brand Partners

Description: Updated agency website from scratch with the Roots Sage 9 framework for Wordpress.

Highlight: Used greensock to create a more exciting drawer system for team page.

Banner Witcoff

Description: After a rebrand, rebuilt this Wordpress website with a large database.

Highlight: Massaged and updated data (from thousands of pdfs and posts) tied to a deprecated plugin to be presented in a more efficient way, both in UI and code.

Display Ads

Description: Display ads are great practice in quickly building a static websites and using subtle yet eye-catching animations with libraries like Greensock, SVGs and CSS.

Highlight: Banners need to be seen by everyone, so extra attention needs to be spent on browser support (even IE11!).

I also do motion graphics

I'm handy enough with Adobe After Effects to be dangerous.

Here is a video sizzle-reel that was recently built for 88 Brand Partners.

*All motion graphics are mine with exception to television commercial work and live-action video.

You can reach me at: