Skill Set

Form follows function...
I love trying new things but always aim for clean, accessible and DRY code. My skills are sharpest in the fundamentals of front-end development.


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    Accessibility (A11Y)
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    Adobe Creative Suite
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Notable experience:

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    JS Frameworks (React, Vue)
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    PHP (Laravel)
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    Static Site Generators (Gatsby and Jekyll)
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    Other CMS's (Drupal 7, Squarespace, Wix, etc)
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    Version Control & Backend (Git, BitBucket, basic server maintenance)

Selected Work

Here is a curated selection of my work:

88 Brand Partners

Description: Updated agency website with the Roots Sage 9 framework for Wordpress.

Highlight: Used greensock to create a more exciting drawer system for team page.


Display Ads

Description: I like to think of display ads as quick static websites with subtle yet eye-catching animations with libraries like Greensock, SVGs and CSS. After years of building with Adobe Flash and others, I now hand-code each ad.

Highlight: Banners need to be seen by everyone, so extra attention needs to be spent on browser support (even IE11!).

Video Animation

My passion for animation has lead me to also have enough experience with Adobe After Effects to be dangerous. Here is a video sizzle-reel that was recently built for 88 Brand Partners.

*All motion graphics are mine with exception to television commercial work and live-action video.

Additional info

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